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Anacapa Island

Quick Facts

Current through end of 2012.


Anacapa is an excellent option for both experienced and first-time channel swimmers. It has similar conditions to a Catalina Channel swim, but is only 60% of the distance. If you are interested in trying a full-fledged open-ocean channel swim, but are not quite ready to take on the full distance of a Catalina or English Channel swim, please consider Anacapa.

SBCSA board member Dave Van Mouwerik has prepared a comprehensive "Roadmap" for Anacapa Island swims. Download it HERE in PDF format.

Anacapa is the closest Channel Island to the mainland, just over 12 miles offshore. A swimmer could expect similar conditions to a Catalina Channel swim - perhaps 2 degrees F cooler water temperature on average, slightly windier, and slightly choppier. Significant cross current (east to west) in the last mile before shore has been observed on some swims.


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