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The SBCSA sanctions swims to, from, around, and between the Channel Islands of Southern California (excluding swims between Catalina Island and the mainland, and circumnavigations of Catalina, which are sanctioned by the CCSF).

Here is an overview map of the eight islands and their locations relative to various cities on the mainland.

Eight Islands

The "Santa Barbara Channel" is technically defined by the waters between the northern four islands - San Miguel, Santa Rosa, Santa Cruz, and Anacapa - and the coast of Santa Barbara County and northern Ventura County.

Channel Islands National Park is comprised of these northern four islands, along with Santa Barbara Island.

The remote San Clemente Island and San Nicolas Island are both owned and operated by the United States Navy.

There are numerous possible swim routes among the Channel Islands - not only between the islands and the mainland, but also around and between the islands themselves.

To view more information about specific islands and swim routes, click on a picture below:

Anacapa Island

Santa Cruz Island

Santa Rosa Island

San Miguel Island

Santa Barbara Island

San Clemente Island

San Nicolas Island