Jim Neitz swims new Anacapa route

Posted by SBCSA, 7 May 2011

The SBCSA congratulates Jim Neitz who had the first successful marathon swim of the season. On Friday, Jim swam from the west end of Anacapa Island (in California) to a beach near Ventura Harbor…18 miles as the crow flies, but likely 24-25 miles given the wicked currents he encountered. His time was 10:23.32.

Jim became the first person to have completed two (2) swims from Anacapa Island to mainland. He also became the first person to attempt and complete a swim during the month of May. Prior to Jim’s amazing swim, the earliest any person had completed a swim off a SBCSA channel island was on June 28… Jim raised the bar by 7 weeks and change. The latest that a swimmer has finished a swim is Oct 16th. Our swim season has just expanded from May 6th to October 16th.

Jim’s official observer was Lynn Kubasek. Tom Ball was his steadfast support as kayaker, and his dad Jack Neitz was his ever-ready feeder. Bob Andrieux and the Tuna Thumper provided the escort. Captain Bob has an amazing streak of his own going as he has NEVER had a swimmer enter the water and not complete a swim.

Jim’s successful swim in adverse conditions is a testament to his resolute perseverance and positive nature! Congratulations on a job well done!

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