Anti-Shark Jammers

Posted by Scott Zornig, 4 October 2013

shark jammers

We normally do not use this newsletter to endorse products unless it is a product which can make marathon swimming a safer sport. This particular product may fall in to that category. I say “may” because testing has not been done.

As many may have read or heard, studies have shown some ocean creatures are repelled by noxious animals…..prey that provide a signal to the predator that says, “I am not on your menu, please go look for food elsewhere.” Scientists have determined that ocean animals which have a striped pattern (i.e., sea snake, lion fish and the mimic octopus) may be “invisible” or “threatening” to some sharks. Either way, it appears that sharks tend to stay away from these stripped creatures.

Good friend and fellow ocean swimmer, Julian Rusinek, had an idea. “Why don’t I make a pair of swim Jammers with the same bold black and white pattern that these animals have?” His theory is that if a black wetsuit can make a swimmer look like a seal, then patterns may make a swimmer invisible or distasteful to sharks….just like the actual stripped sea animals.

Julian contracted with truWest, a swimwear manufacturer based in Huntington Beach, California to make a pair of anti-shark pattern jammers. He went to great detail to make sure the color and thickness of the stripes exactly matched those of the sea creatures. Julian’s theory makes sense so I recently ordered a pair for myself. The cost is $40 for men and $65 for women. If this suit is of interest to you, contact Gary Wetwellat at or 800-322-3669. They now call the suit the “anti-shark pattern.” Please note that truWest cannot provide any guarantees and further testing must be done.

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