Happy Holidays

Posted by Scott Zornig, 4 December 2013

santa The SBCSA sends warm wishes to you and your family during this holiday season. May your home be blessed with love and happiness! We hope this Christmas is especially bright and cheerful and you begin the New Year on a prosperous note. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the SBCSA.

The SBCSA’s Newest Lifetime Member

michelle mcconica Longtime SBCSA Observer, supporter, and spouse of two time SBCSA record holder Jim McConica, has become the latest lifetime member. Thank you Michelle Premeaux McConica for all your contributions to marathon swimming and your financial support of the Santa Barbara Channel Swimming Association.

Some Inspirational Swimming Quotes to Start the New Year

“Marathon Swimming – what real men do while boys play football.” – Unknown

“Nothing great is easy.” - Captain Matthew Webb

“To me, the sea is like a person–like a child that I’ve known a long time. It sounds crazy, I know, but when I swim in the sea I talk to it. I never feel alone when I’m out there.” - Gertrude Ederle

“The swimmer who says, “It can’t be done” is passed by the swimmer who is doing it.” - Unknown

“Don’t wait for your ship to come in, swim out to it.” – Unknown

“All I could see was the fog.…I think if I could have seen the shore, I would have made it.” - Florence Chadwick

“Hand to hand, heart to heart, we can change the world.” - Lynne Cox

“A swim could be more than an individual athletic challenge. A swim could be a way to connect with people from different countries, and it could be a way to open borders between people.” – Lynne Cox

“If you have a lane, you have a chance.” – Unknown

“It’s OK if you fail something, as long as you don’t give up, as long as you say - OK, I will try it again” – Marilyn Bell

“Salt Water is my cologne.” – Unknown

“When we’re in the water, we’re not in this world.” - Gertrude Ederle

“With so many people saying it couldn’t be done, all it takes is an imagination.” – Michael Phelps

“Seven days of no swimming makes one weak.” – Unknown

“You can’t put a limit on anything. The more you dream, the farther you get”. – Michael Phelps

“Remember, a dead fish can float downstream, but it takes a live one to swim upstream.” – Unknown

“The only side effect of too much training is that you get into better shape. There is nothing wrong with that.” – Mark Spitz

“Keep putting one arm in front of the other until you run out of water” - Unknown

“Be realistic: aim for the impossible.” – Alison Streeter

“Past performance speaks a tremendous amount about one’s ability and likelihood for success.” – Mark Spitz

“Channel swimming is 80% mental, 20% the rest.” – Alison Streeter

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