Giving Back to Marathon Swimming

Posted by Scott Zornig, 1 April 2014


Marathon swimming would have little integrity and be in disarray if it was not for the people who selflessly observe our swims. Although most organizations pay observers, the amount they take home barely covers their expenses (gas, hotel, per diem etc.) and 12 to 24 hours of time (if you consider total time elapsed between leaving and returning home). Of course the sanctioning organizations could pay the observers more, but then we would need to charge the swimmers more for the swims.

The SBCSA and CCSF believe this is going to be a record year for attempted swims. If early indications are correct, there could be as many as 70+ swims between the two organizations this season which means we may need as many as 140 observers.

Here is the bottom line: If you have ever done a marathon swim, you have a responsibility to give back to your sport by attending observer training and volunteering to observe at least one swim this year. If every marathon swimmer from each previous year would do a single observation, we would easily have all marathon attempts covered.

Please consider being an observer this year. Your sport needs you!

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