Pacific Ocean 3, SBCSA 1

Posted by Scott Zornig, 8 August 2014

This season has been tough. We started out with 3 unsuccessful attempts (1 relay and 2 solo’s) in uncooperative conditions. On August 2, the “Laguna 6,” consisting of Julian Rusinek, Lynn Kubasek, Scott Zornig, Tanya MacLean, Tamie Stewart, and Cherie Edborg completed an unprecedented crossing between tiny Santa Barbara Island and Catalina Island. Battling tricky currents, the team reached the west end of Catalina after 15 hours, 53 minutes.

laguna 6

Did You Know?

Matthew Webb swam across the English Channel on August 25, 1875… almost 139 years ago. However, an American named Paul Boyton actually made it across 3 months prior to Captain Webb. Since Mr. Boyton used a rubber suit with floats (which he invented), he was not given credit as the first to swim the English Channel. Instead, the honor went to Mr. Webb who is listed as the first person to successfully swim the English Channel without the use of artificial aids.

boyton webb

Boyton’s invention was eventually used for life saving purposes and actually contributed towards modern day scuba suits and wet suits.

SBCSA Banquet: Saturday, November 1st

This 2014 banquet will be different from past celebrations. Although the intent is to honor our channel swimmers, this year we will spend less time on the speeches and more time socializing with the award winners. We are also going to liven things up with a change of venue. This season’s event will take place in San Pedro Harbor aboard the Pacific Spirit. The cost will be $39.50 per person and includes harbor cruise, dinner, music and simply the most fun board in the marathon swimming world… the SBCSA board of directors.

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