Out, Around, & Back

Posted by SBCSA, 3 August 2016

We congratulate Anthony McCarley, Dave Van Mouwerik, Asha Allen, Becky Margulies, Dan Simonelli, and Scott Zacharda who found success in the first swim of the 2016 season. Team “Out, Around, & Back” completed the first known relay from Catalina to Santa Barbara Island - 24.4 miles against the prevailing current in 16:01 (in 2014, the Laguna Six swam in the opposite direction).

Upon completing the inter-island swim, the sextet of accomplished marathon swimmers weren’t done swimming: They swam around Santa Barbara Island, thus completing the first known relay circumnavigation of SBI: 5+ miles in 3:06.

New Lifetime Members

Elizabeth Fry (Westport, CT) and Gary King (Simi Valley, CA) are the SBCSA’s newest lifetime members. They become the 51st and 52nd members of a special group who generously support the SBCSA and marathon swimming. Lifetime Members (apply here) receive benefits including:

Thank you, Liz and Gary!

Did You Know?

Over 150 endemic, or unique, species found nowhere else in the world, including the quick-to-endear island fox, have earned the Channel Islands their nickname as the Galapagos of North America.

The largest breeding colonies of seabirds in southern California are found on the Channel Islands

Fossils composing the most complete pygmy mammoth skeleton ever discovered were found on Santa Rosa Island, where they roamed the island before the last ice age.

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