San Francisco 24 Hour Relay

Posted by Evan Morrison, 2 March 2017

Six SBCSA board members (Cherie Edborg, Lynn Kubasek, Peter Hayden, Dave Van Mouwerik, Tanya MacLean, and Evan Morrison) recently gathered at the Dolphin Club in San Francisco to swim in the 4th annual 24 Hour Relay in Aquatic Park, organized by Suzie Dods.

Team SBCSA swam in continuous rotation of approximately one hour each, four times through the rotation, between 9am Saturday and 9am Sunday (Feb 4-5), in water measuring approximately 53F.

It was a fantastic weekend and team-building experience, and one of the great open-water swimming challenges around (especially for the money!). The Orange County contingent (Cherie, Lynn, Peter, Tanya) more than held up their end of the bargain despite the relative luxury of their home waters!

Respect and gratitude to Suzie Dods for creating this opportunity. Until next year!

Cherie, Dave, Lynn, Evan, Peter, Tanya

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