Boats and Pilots

The SBCSA can offer guidance in securing an escort boat and pilot, but ultimately it is the swimmer's responsibility to ensure the swim is adequately supported. If a swim's safety is compromised by an inadequate escort boat or support crew, the SBCSA reserves the right to revoke sanction of the swim.

Escort Boats & Pilots

The swimmer is responsible for providing / hiring a U.S. Coast Guard-inspected boat and currently-licensed pilot to escort their swim.

Swimmers have utilized the following boats on past channel swims:

Ventura Harbor and Channel Islands Harbor

Closest to Anacapa Island, Santa Cruz Island, and San Nicolas Island.

Boat Contact Email/Phone Capacity Notes / Prices
Perfect Mistress Sheri Bauer 805-304-4635, email 6 30 ft. Please request quote
Raptor Jim Smith 805-650-7700, email 32 46 ft. Please request quote.
Santa Barbara Divers Sheri Bauer 805-304-4635, email 6 Please request quote
Scorpio John Farrell 805-276-1383 6 53 ft. No head
Tuna Thumper Bob Andrieux 805-535-8519, email 6 42 ft. $1400 for Anacapa or Santa Cruz to Oxnard + $300/hr after 12 hrs (dock-to-dock)
Wavelength Dawn Brooks 805-766-8839, email 6 30' sailboat. $1400 for Anacapa-mainland

Santa Barbara Harbor

Closest to Santa Cruz Island, Santa Rosa Island, and San Miguel Island.

Boat Owner Contact Capacity Notes / Prices
Truth Glen Fritzler 805-963-3564, email 45 65 ft. Two other boats also available (75 & 80 ft)

Los Angeles Harbor (San Pedro)

Closest to Santa Barbara Island, San Nicolas Island, San Clemente Island, and Catalina Island.

Boat Owner Contact Capacity Notes / Prices
Bottom Scratcher Greg Elliott 714-963-4378, email 30 60 ft. Request quote
Outrider John Pittman 310-994-5693, email 8 50 ft. Request quote
Great Escape Timothy Burke 310-486-0761, email 125 80 ft. Request quote

Considerations in Hiring an Escort Boat

We encourage swimmers to consider the following issues in evaluating different escort boats.

Please bear in mind, the swimmer and the escort boat owner enter into a direct agreement/contract regarding the charter hire. The SBCSA is not involved in this transaction.

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