Sanction Fees

The SBCSA is a non-profit organization, and our Board of Directors serve on a volunteer basis. Sanction fees cover expense reimbursement for official observers and insurance for all SBCSA-sanctioned swims.


All fees in United States dollars.

Route Solo
(early bird)
Relay (early bird)
Solo (standard)
Anacapa Isl to/from Mainland
Anacapa Isl circumnavigation
600 800 1000
2-way Anacapa
Santa Cruz Isl to/from Mainland
800 1000 1200
Santa Rosa Isl to/from Mainland
San Miguel Isl to/from Mainland
Santa Barbara Isl to/from Mainland
Santa Barbara Isl to/from Catalina Isl
1000 1200 1400
Sub-10km offshore routes1 550 750 950

Not all possible swim routes are listed in the above table of fees. For other routes, please contact the SBCSA for a quote.


  1. Sub-10km offshore routes include Anacapa/S.Cruz, S.Cruz/S.Rosa, and S.Rosa/S.Miguel island hopper routes; and the circumnavigation of Santa Barbara Island. Multiple short island-hopper routes attempted on the same trip may be eligible for the combination route discount (see above). Contact the SBCSA for details.

Methods of Payment

We offer two methods of payment:

Cancellation / Refund Policy

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