SBCSA Rules - Clarification on Allowed Swimwear and Devices

  1. Any device or apparel that benefits speed, buoyancy, or warmth other than the listed standard equipment is considered to be an artificial aid and is prohibited. a. Standard equipment for Category A (Marathon) swims is listed in Section II / A / #4. b. Standard equipment for Category B (Assisted) swims is the same as for Category A swims, except that neoprene and/or increased-coverage swimwear is allowed.
  2. Swimwear definitions: a. Swimsuits for Category A (marathon) swims must be porous and made from textile materials. b. Men’s swimsuits must not extend below the knees or above the navel. Jammer-style suits are permissible. c. Women’s swimsuits may be in one or two pieces, but must not cover the neck, extend past the shoulder, nor extend below the knees. d. Swim caps must be standard-style and constructed from latex or silicone. Neoprene caps, multiple caps, and caps with chin straps are prohibited. e. Full-body suits of any material, including wetsuits and neoprene caps, are allowed on Category B (Assisted) Swims only.
  3. If the swimmer utilizes an electronic shark deterrent, the device may not trail off the swimmer.
  4. If the swimmer is uncertain whether a device or apparel item is allowed under these rules, he or she should seek clarification from the SBCSA well in advance of the swim attempt.
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