Supporting and sanctioning marathon swims in the Channel Islands region of California

February 2021 Update

At this time we are accepting sanction applications for SOLO swims up to 12.2 miles (one-way Anacapa Channel or shorter) attempted on June 1 or later. All COVID-19 policies and procedures from last year remain in force. We anticipate that we will be able to open up to longer Channel Islands routes sometime this year. However, based on the current severity of the pandemic in Southern California, it is still too early to make a final call. We will re-evaluate each month. If you are hoping to swim a longer Channel Islands route this year, there is a decent chance we will be able to support that, especially by the Fall. You are welcome to submit an application to notify us of your plans; however at this time we are not able to guarantee sanction. Thanks to all for your continued patience and support. Keep swimming and stay safe!

From the SBCSA Board of Directors: Evan Morrison, Jane Cairns, Dave Van Mouwerik, Peter Hayden, and Cherie Edborg.


Steps to Swim with the SBCSA

  1. Choose a swim route.
  2. Make arrangements with an escort boat and identify your support crew.
  3. Submit a sanction application:
  4. The SBCSA will assign an observer to your swim.
  5. Train.
  6. Swim across!

2020 Swim Successes

  • Karina Garcia - Mainland to Anacapa Island. 8:20 on October 2.
  • Amy Dantzler - Anacapa Island circumnavigation. 4:52 on September 24.
  • Jake Glick - Anacapa Island circumnavigation. 4:53 on September 24.
  • Sarah Thomas - Anacapa Island to Mainland. 5:07 on September 23.
  • Neil Hailstone - Anacapa Island to Mainland. 6:20 on September 21.
  • Dan Simonelli - Anacapa Island circumnavigation. 7:21 on September 10.
  • Amy Dantzler - Anacapa Island circumnavigation. 4:57 on September 10.
  • Jim McConica - Anacapa Island circumnavigation. 5:33 on September 9.
  • Rose Filer - Anacapa Island to Mainland. 12:13 on September 9.
  • David Sundius - Anacapa Island to Santa Cruz Island (breaststroke). 2:22 on September 1.
  • Edie Markovich - Mainland to Anacapa Island. 9:24 on August 15.
  • Henry Palmer - Mainland to Anacapa Island. 6:33 on July 1.
  • Joe Zemaitis - Mainland to Anacapa Island. 6:33 on July 1.

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