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SBCSA board Top row: Scott Zornig, Theo Schmeeckle, Dave Van Mouwerik
Bottom row: Lynn Kubasek, Peter Hayden, Evan Morrison, Jane Cairns, Cherié Edborg, Tanya MacLean

Evan Morrison


Evan is the ninth person to swim from Santa Cruz Island to the mainland - a swim that is featured in the documentary film DRIVEN. He has also completed solo swims of the Catalina Channel, Manhattan Island Marathon Swim, Sandy Hook to Manhattan, Tampa Bay Marathon Swim, and the Maui Channel.

Evan co-founded the Marathon Swimmers Federation, co-authored the MSF Rules of Marathon Swimming, serves on the Voting Committee of the International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame, and developed the GPS tracking service

A graduate of Princeton and Stanford, Evan grew up in Santa Barbara and currently lives in San Francisco.

Serving since 2011. President since December 2016

Jane Cairns

Historian & Secretary

Jane grew up swimming on the Mission Viejo Nadadores swim team from 1978-1988. She graduated from UC Santa Barbara with a BA in Environmental Studies in 1993 while swimming on the Gauchos swim team for 4 years. Jane was named SPMA Open Water Swimmer of the Year in 1997. She has participated in numerous Catalina Channel crossing relays and is a member of the team that still holds the fastest CCCF single and double crossing records. Jane is also a veteran paddleboard racer. She has raced the Catalina Channel 15 times, 8 of which in the 32 mile Catalina Classic and placing 5 times in the men’s division. She has also raced the 32 mile Molokai paddleboard race 3 times.

Jane is very involved in the aquatic community in Santa Barbara. She helps run a weekly summer ocean swim race and has been the director of the SB 6 mile ocean swim race for the past 10 years and still holds the women’s course record. She is currently getting back into swimming shape to hopefully soon start training to swim the Catalina Channel solo.

Serving since 2010

Dave Van Mouwerik

Vice President & Observer Coordinator

Dave started swimming when he was 23 years old. He has been a USMS member for thirty five years, and has been a member of various Masters teams for most of that time. Early in his swim career, he gravitated towards longer distance events in pool meets, and to open water swims. He has participated in about a dozen 6 mile ocean swims (in Santa Cruz, Avila Beach, and Santa Barbara), as well as some 10 mile swims (in Boston Harbor, Seal Beach, and Santa Barbara). In 1998 Dave swam solo from Avila Beach Pier to Pismo Beach Pier, a distance of six miles. This swim inspired him to start the USMS-sanctioned Pismo to Avila Pier to Pier Swim, which he organized and participated in from 1999 to 2002. From 2004 to 2007, Dave took a break from swimming, and paddled 6 man outrigger canoes with Pale Kai, a competitive outrigger canoe club in Avila Beach.

Dave caught the marathon swimming bug in 2010, when he was 52 years old. Since then he has swum the Anacapa Crossing, Lake Tahoe (lengthwise), the Catalina Channel, and a 20.3 mile swim in Sweden across Lake Siljan. Dave and his wife, Lisa, live in San Luis Obispo, CA; their two sons live in South Lake Tahoe, CA, and Flagstaff, AZ.

Serving since 2010

Lynn Kubasek

Apparel Coordinator

Lynn is the daughter of surfers who cut the waves at Killer Dana in Southern California in the early 60s. She has been a USMS swimmer since 1982, swimming with both UC Irvine Masters and Irvine Novaquatics Masters. She holds three age-group distance swimming records with the Tualatin Hills Masters February Fitness Challenge.

A long-time ocean swimmer, Lynn was first introduced to channel swimming by assisting with Scott Zornig’s historic Anacapa to Santa Cruz crossing. Since then, she has kayaked and observed for numerous solo and relay crossings. She is the 176th person to swim the Catalina Channel, the 23rd person to swim the Anacapa Channel and the first to swim the crossing directionally between Santa Cruz and Anacapa islands. Lynn trains year round in Laguna Beach, California with Laguna Beach Open Water Swimmers (LBOWS).

Coincidentally, Lynn works as a Storm Water specialist, peripherally protecting the waters in which we swim. She is a mother of three, with three grandchildren.

Although Lynn is looking to her next swim adventure, she is eager to assist other channel aspirants in their quests.

Serving since 2010

Cherié Edborg


Cherié (pronounced sure-e) is originally from Westminster, CA and currently lives in Huntington Beach, CA. She is the single mother of of two boys. She currently works in Aliso Viejo for Shea Mortgage as the Controller.

Unlike the other SBCSA board members, Cherié does not have a swimming background. In fact, she started to swim in September 2008 when she did her first sprint triathlon. She continued to do other triathlons over the next few years, but had never swum further than one mile until the summer of 2011 when she completed a two mile pier-to-pier swim from Hermosa Pier to Manhattan Pier. In early 2012, she was encouraged to give marathon swimming a try. Cherié trained hard for several months and did her first six-mile swim in July of 2012. On August 25, Cherie became the 28th person to swim the 12.4 mile channel between Anacapa Island and the mainland and did so in a time of 8:21. Cherié jokes that her job is what led her to marathon swimming as a position as an accountant has no adventure.

Serving since 2012

Peter Hayden

Vessel Liaison

Peter is the Sr. Vice President of Engineering for a Los Angeles based commercial real estate developer. He awakens at 4:30 every weekday morning to commute 60 miles to LA’s Fairfax District and fit in a 2-hour workout with the Meridian Swim Club Masters before heading across the street to work. On the weekends, he can usually be found swimming in Laguna Beach waters with the Oak Streakers.

A Los Angeles native, Peter has been a competitive swimmer since age 8, and until 2011, had never done anything longer than a 2 mile pier swim. That changed in 2012, when he completed the 6-mile Semana Nautica and the 12.6-mile Distance Challenge. In 2013, Peter became the 283rd person to successfully cross the Catalina Channel. In 2014, Peter received the Marathon Swimmers Federation’s Yudovin Award, which honors the single most adventurous swim of the year, for his record-setting circumnavigation of Anacapa Island, followed immediately by crossing the Santa Barbara Channel to the Ventura coastline, a total distance of approximately 24 miles.

Peter coached the Pacific Aquatic Masters while attending the University of Pacific in Stockton, CA, and married his star swimmer, Carol Hayden. Peter and Carol live in Laguna Hills, CA; their two sons live in Oakland, CA and Gutau, Austria.

Serving since 2015

Tanya MacLean

Marketing & Outreach

Tanya is the thirty-sixth person to swim from Anacapa Island to the mainland. She has also completed the 2016 36 mile End-Wet North Dakota Swim and participated in the 2015 SCAR Arizona swims.

In addition to serving on the SBCSA Board, Tanya served as the Southern Pacific Masters Swimming Open Water Chair in the years 2011 to 2013. She has been involved with masters swimming for 10 years.

A graduate of University of Waterloo in Environmental Science, Tanya grew up in Toronto, Canada and currently lives in Orange County, California.

Serving since 2016

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